Language Odyssey

Language Odyssey provides a complete curriculum in Spanish and French for two age groups — lower primary (grades 1-3) and upper primary (grades 4-6). Programs using supplementary materials can also be created for grades 7-8. This program can be used as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement to curriculum already being used in the classroom.

The Language Odyssey program includes:

  • Teachers’ Guides (including lesson plans) and classroom materials;
  • Multifaceted Books for students to use at home and in class; and
  • Lesson and Song/Culture Audio Files which can be downloaded and used in conjunction with the books to increase a student’s exposure to the language.

Artist and Editor of Language Odyssey Sarah Walton graduated from Cornell University. She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and has held several coveted positions in the art world. She has been Art Director of Harper’s Magazine, Art and Antiques, Art and Auction, The Washingtonian and Chicago Magazine. She served as graphic designer for ABC-TV Network News and created numerous illustrations for The New Republic, The Washington Post and Elizabeth Arden. She continues to paint from her mountainside home she shares with her husband, Bill Walton, and their three terriers in Little Washington, Virginia.  Language Odyssey Website