surgery-225x300Rappahannock Ventures, LLC has invested in two innovative companies — PurThread Technologies, Inc. and Stemnion — dedicated to the advances in medical care based on carefully researched technologies.

PurThreadTM Technologies Inc., a leading-edge technology company dedicated to developing proprietary antimicrobial textile technology.  Through its patent-pending integration technology and fiber formulations PurThreadTM  incorporates an EPA-registered antimicrobial additive into every fiber and yarn to protect the fabric from degradation.  These advances will help hospitals reduce bioburden on fabric surfaces in the patient environment.

Envisioning these new textiles as a replacement for hospital linens, privacy curtains and scrubs, Rappahannock Ventures, LLC believes that PurThreadTM  will provide a lucrative return on investment while advancing patient protection and improving hospital cleanliness.   An article in the journal Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology (ICHE) cited encouraging preliminary results from a randomized, controlled clinical study that incorporated privacy curtains using PurThread technology.

In addition, PurThread was mentioned in a couple of recent articles, Kodak Smells Success in Odor-Free Fabrics published in The (Rochester, NY) Democrat and Chronicle, USA Today, and Esquire Magazine and  “Be Well” Doctor Russell Greenfield, MD, Signs on as PurThread Medical Director, published in the Triangle Business Journal, WRAL Techwire, and the Digital Journal.

Stemnion, a privately held regenerative medicine company, focuses on the research, development and clinical use of its proprietary technology platform, derived from human placental cells.

This platform provides an exciting new approach to tissue regeneration and repair in a wide range of medical conditions and offers hope, especially in patients with maladies for which there is no satisfactory treatment. Stemnion’s proprietary technology platform is derived from a unique population of cells isolated from full-term placental tissue that is normally discarded following delivery of a baby. There is no interruption in the development of the baby to procure this tissue, and therefore there are no ethical, religious, moral or political issues associated with their use.