Max Rose

The company’s first film, Max Rose, stars Jerry Lewis as an aging man dealing with the loss of his wife and the dawning realization that she harbored a secret for most of their marriage. The film premiered at the Museum of Modern Art (New York) on April 10, 2016 as the final piece of MoMA’s exhibit, Happy Birthday, Mr. Lewis in celebration of the icon’s 90th birthday.  The producers — Rush River, Lightstream and Blackbird — have struck a deal with Paladin for distribution.  It made the rounds in theaters nationwide in the Summer 2016 and will be available on streaming platforms by 2017.

At its screening in Cannes in May 2013, Max Rose was greeted by an enthusiastic audience and represents a potential award-winning, career-capping “tour de force” performance for Mr. Lewis in the vein of Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino or Henry Fonda in On Golden Pond.

Max Rose also features the great Claire Bloom, as Max’s wife Eva, as well as noted comedian Kevin Pollack as Max’s son who is struggling to connect with his father while coming to grips with his second failed marriage. Argo star Kerry Bishe gives a sparkling performance as Max’s granddaughter and his most cherished companion. Veteran comic Mort Sahl enters the second part of the film as one of the lively new friends Max makes in his assisted living facility. With its talented ensemble cast,  touching story about love, loss and forgiveness, and theme song performed by Melissa Errico, Max Rose is destined to become an audience favorite.